Digital market in the United Arab Emirates

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Statista Dossier on the digital market in the United Arab Emirates

Table of contents

    • Pre and post COVID-19 digital transformation spending growth worldwide 2020

    • Forecasted GDP contribution share of AI MENA 2030, by region

    • Average annual growth of AI contribution MENA 2018-2030, by region

    • Share of IOT spending MENA 2021, by industry

    • Forecasted ICT sales demand in UAE 2020, by segment

    • Digital readiness score UAE 2019, by component

    • Internet penetration forecast in the United Arab Emirates 2010-2025

    • Number of broadband internet subscriptions in UAE 2020-2022, by month

    • Average time spent on websites per visit UAE 2020, by website

    • Share of digital investment value MENA 2018 by region

    • ICT spending in UAE 2019, by segment

    • Forecasted ICT spending share in UAE 2024, by segment

    • Funded digital startup status MENA 2013-2018 by country

    • Share of organizations adopting digital transformation UAE 2019, by stage

    • Most popular online payment methods in the UAE 2020, by type

    • Visa, Mastercard market share in the UAE 2020, by scheme

    • Number of non-cash transactions UAE 2018, by type

    • eServices market revenue in UAE 2017-2026

    • Revenue growth of the eServices market in the UAE 2018-2026

    • Users of eServices in the United Arab Emirates, 2017-2026

    • Access share of subscription based services UAE 2019, by service

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