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Statista dossier about cloud security

Table of contents

    • Forecast - IT security services spending worldwide 2017-2022

    • Cybersecurity market revenues worldwide 2021-2026

    • Global cloud security software market size 2020-2026

    • Public cloud management and security services market size 2015-2023

    • Global TAM for cloud security spend 2019-2024

    • Security as a Service revenues worldwide 2018-2026

    • Global identity as a service (IDaaS) market size 2019-2030

    • Global IT security spending in identity access management 2017-2021

    • Global cloud database security market size 2020-2027

    • Global cloud-based email security market size 2020-2026

    • Revenue Cisco Systems 2006-2021

    • Revenue of Palo Alto Networks worldwide 2015-2022

    • Check Point Software Technologies total revenue 2016-2021

    • McAfee's global net revenue 2018-2021

    • Zscaler total revenue 2016-2021

    • Organizations' trust of public cloud provider for security 2021, by provider

    • Global emerging IT security technologies and architectures 2022, by deployment status

    • Global security tools that would increase public cloud adoption worldwide 2022

    • Global importance of zero trust to cloud security strategy 2022

    • Average share of security applications delivered via the cloud worldwide 2020-2022

    • Type of sensitive data stored by companies in the cloud worldwide 2019-2022

    • Main measures taken to protect cloud data worldwide 2022

    • Handling changing security needs when moving to the cloud worldwide 2022

    • Cyber security investment priorities for companies worldwide 2022

    • Cloud security priorities worldwide 2022

    • Drivers for considering cloud-based security solutions worldwide 2022

    • Global benefits achieved by unifying application and data security defenses 2022

    • Concern level about the security of public cloud worldwide 2022

    • Biggest security threats in public clouds worldwide 2020-2022

    • Global hybrid cloud security challenges 2022

    • Main barriers to cloud-based security adoption worldwide 2020-2022

    • Main challenges in securing multi-cloud environments worldwide 2022

    • Main risks to data security in the cloud worldwide 2022

    • Companies' threat outlook 2022, by reportable incidents

    • Most common cloud security attacks worldwide 2020-2022

    • Estimated financial damage due to cloud cyber threats worldwide 2022

    • Data breach consequences due to cloud attacks worldwide 2022

    • Change in detection time for cloud attacks worldwide 2022

    • DDoS attack destinations on Azure infrastructure worldwide 2021, by region

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