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Statista dossier about cloud computing

Table of contents

    • Global IT services and business services revenue 2017-2025, by region

    • IT services global spending forecast 2008-2023

    • Public IT cloud services global market growth 2011-2022

    • Share of IT infrastructure spending worldwide 2014-2024, by deployment type

    • Public cloud services market size 2017-2023

    • Spending on cloud and data centers 2009-2021, by segment

    • Global public IT cloud services revenue 2016-2021, by segment

    • Global cloud IT infrastructure spending 2013-2026

    • Global public cloud infrastructure as a service market size 2015-2023

    • Global software as a service market share forcecast 2020-2025, by select country

    • Public cloud application infrastructure services market 2015-2023

    • Global public cloud application services (SaaS) market size 2015-2023

    • Global cloud applications market size 2013-2025

    • Organizations' use of cloud vendors worldwide 2021, by vendor

    • Leading vendors global cloud IT infrastructure revenue 2013-2021, by quarter

    • Enterprise public cloud platform and infrastructure service usage worldwide 2017-2022

    • Private cloud platform service usage worldwide 2017-2022

    • Leading cloud IT infrastructure vendors globally 2013-2019

    • Vendor revenue from the public cloud services IaaS market worldwide 2015-2021

    • Vendor share from the public cloud services IaaS market worldwide 2015-2021

    • Global IaaS and PaaS hyperscaler market share 2020-2022, by vendor

    • Global cloud IaaS/PaaS vendor revenue share 2018-2021

    • Worldwide enterprise cloud strategy 2017-2022

    • Usage of cloud computing configuration tools in SMBs 2022

    • Worldwide enterprise public cloud annual spend 2019-2020

    • Worldwide small and medium-sized businesses public cloud annual spend 2019-2020

    • Worldwide enterprise workload/data in public cloud 2020

    • Public cloud platform usage and adoption worldwide 2022, by service provider

    • Private cloud platform service adoption worldwide 2022, by service provider

    • Change in cloud vendor expenditure in North America and Europe 2021, by vendor

    • Global hybrid cloud year-to-year deployment plans 2018-2020

    • IT leaders anticipate multicloud application workloads worldwide 2019-2021

    • Global multi cloud adoption by organization size 2021

    • Global current and planned cloud models 2020-2025, by deployment model

    • Global enterprise IT infrastructure buyer and cloud deployment 2019-2025, by category

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