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Georgia has a strategic position as it is located where Europe meets Asia. The Black Sea borders Georgia to the west, Russia lies to the north, Turkey and Armenia are located to the south and Azerbaijan is located to the southeast. Georgia was part of the Soviet Union until it gained independence in 1991. The county has a unique cultural heritage and three ethnic enclaves still exist.

The largest city and capital of Georgia is Tbilisi with around 1.14 million inhabitants - an ancient city with many architectural and historical monuments. All other cities in Georgia are small by comparison. The capital is home to close to a third of the entire population of the country, which was estimated at around 3.7 million as of 2016. Population growth is unlikely, as has been negative for the past decade, and the fertility rate is less than the natural replacement rate.

The economy of Georgia is quite diverse: Around 66 percent of GDP is generated in the services industry, but around 25 percent comes from industry and another 9 percent from agriculture as of 2015. GDP growth also fluctuates from stable to high annual growth, ranging between 2.7 percent to 7.2 percent annual growth. This range of growth is also predicted for the future and the country is determined to liberalize the economy and attract foreign investment. In 2014, the country also made an agreement with the EU, which moves Georgia closer in the direction of free trade and visa-free travel with the European Union. At present Georgia’s most important trade partners include Turkey, Russia and China for imports and neighbor Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and Turkey for exports. With increasing relations with the European Union, it can be expected that positive growth to the Georgian economy will continue, which will also help raise GDP per capita in the coming years.

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