Which VR Headset Holds the Pole Position?


Virtual Reality is one of the hottest new markets in the tech world and virtually every big player in the industry is currently trying to claim a piece of it before it takes off. Facebook, Sony, Google and others have all at least pre-announced their own VR headset; Samsung’s Gear VR, which requires a Samsung smartphone to work, became available this week.

With 360-degree videos displayed on smartphones giving consumers a first taste of what’s to come, 2016 is supposed to be the breakthrough year for virtual reality headsets. But which company has done the best job of teasing its product to the public? According to a survey conducted by Statista earlier this year, Facebook’s Oculus Rift scores highest in terms of consumer awareness with 35 percent of the respondents having heard of it.

31 percent of the respondents had never heard of any Virtual Reality headset. Let’s see if the next twelve months will change that.

Infographic: Which VR Headset Holds the Pole Position? | Statista
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