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Technology Market Outlook

Make fact-based decisions
based on our technology market data

Make fact-based decisions

Get current and forecasted data about revenues, the average spending per employee, market shares, the sales volume and price of robots, the estimated cost of cybercrime, and much more from our easily accessible technology markets.

Outlook Highlights

  • Extensive content coverage

    Comparable data for 25+ markets and 80+ segments

  • Broad geographical coverage

    Comparable data for 150+ countries & territories and (custom) regions

  • Relevant, up-to-date & forecasted data

    Segment-specific KPIs and 2+ yearly updates, including 5-year forecasts

Get an overview of more benefits

  • Unique technology KPIs

    Unique and highly specialized KPIs, such as sales volume and price of robots, cost of cybercrime, platform type of data centers, and number of smart homes.

  • Trend reports

    Extensive qualitative reports on the mechanisms and trends that make technology markets move and grow.

  • Customer-validated data

    Ongoing interaction with technology companies, suppliers and researchers allows us to continuously validate and fine-tune our data on technology markets.

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