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Statista operates, one of the world’s leading statistics portals. In our infographics department experienced data journalists and graphic designers create up-to-date infographics on all topics that are relevant to the media – in German, English, French and Spanish. Whether technology and economy, politics and society or sports and entertainment:
We provide exactly the facts and figures that you need in a clear and illustrative form.

Our services:

  • Up-to-date infographics, created by experienced data journalists and designers, which cover all relevant news departments and are distributed every weekday
  • Distributed every morning – infographics for your editorial work on the web and on social media
  • Easy integration into your CMS – just download the graphic in the required format from the Statista website
  • The publication of a graphic only requires the inclusion of a backlink to
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Daily infographics on global issues

Complex topics visualized vividly.

More Drug-Related Deaths Than Ever - Infographic
Kalanick’s Uber Exit Could Win Back 3 in 10 Ex-Users - Infographic
In Which UK Industries EU Citizens Work - Infographic
Good Salary Prospects  - Infographic
Locked and Loaded - Infographic
The 10 Costliest Cities For Working Abroad  - Infographic
Most Americans Say They Have Fired A Gun  - Infographic
The World's Most Populous Nations In 2050 - Infographic

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