Average cruise revenue, expense and profit per passenger worldwide from 2011 to 2015 (in U.S. dollars)

This statistic shows the average cruise revenue, expense and profit per passenger worldwide from 2011 to 2015. An average of 184 U.S. dollars in profit was made per cruise passenger in 2014.

Cruise revenue per passenger - additional information

The highest revenue per cruise passenger seen during this time frame was 1779 U.S. dollars in 2015, up by 60 dollars from 2014. This is the highest revenue since 2012, however 2012 also saw the highest expenses per passenger, making 2015 also the year with the highest profits. The largest share of the revenue generated by each passenger comes from the cost of their ticket followed by their total spending on board the ship. The largest expense per passenger is generally corporate operating costs.

In 2013, the global cruise industry generated a revenue of 36.27 billion U.S. dollars. That year, it was estimated that the industry carried just fewer than 21 million passengers worldwide. This figure was forecasted to rise above 24 million by 2018 with over 14 million passengers sourced from North America. While North America may have been the largest cruise passenger provider, less than three percent of Americans preferred cruise only vacations compared to 60.1 percent who only took land-based trips.

Carnival Cruise Lines held by far the largest share of the cruise market in 2014. At 41.8 percent, it comprised a full 20 percent more of the industry than its closest competitor, Royal Caribbean. In 2013, Carnival’s revenue amounted to 15.46 billion U.S. dollars. The company carried 10.06 million passengers on over 100 ships worldwide.

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