Companies with the most U.S. patents granted to them as of 2015

This statistic shows a ranking of companies according to how many patents had been assigned to them as of the end of 2015. IBM had 7,355 patents assigned to them at this time and was by far the leader in this respect.

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 Number of granted U.S. patents
International Business Machines Corp -
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd -
Canon KK -
Qualcomm Inc -
Google Inc -
Toshiba Corp -
Sony Corp -
LG Electronics Inc -
Intel Corp -
Microsoft Corp -
Apple Inc -
Samsung Display Co Ltd -
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co -
General Electric Co -
Ricoh Co Ltd -
Seiko Epson Corp -
Toyota Motor Corp -
Panasonic Corp -
Fujitsu Ltd -
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson -
GM Global Technology Operations LLC -
Hewlett Packard Development Co LP -
Brother Kogyo KK -
Ford Global Technologies LLC -
Robert Bosch GmbH -
Amazon Technologies Inc -
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co Ltd -
Broadcom Corp -
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd -
BlackBerry Ltd -
Honda Motor Co Ltd -
Siemens AG -
Sharp KK -
Boeing Co -
Micron Technology Inc -
Cisco Technology Inc -
Koninklijke Philips NV -
Mitsubishi Electric Corp -
SK Hynix Inc -
AT&T Intellectual Property I LP -
Xerox Corp -
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute -
Texas Instruments Inc -
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd -
NEC Corp -
Denso Corp -
Honeywell International Inc -
Covidien LP -
Hyundai Motor Co -
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