Eco-anxiety in Canada

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Statista dossier on eco-anxiety in Canada

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Global temperature change 1910-2019, by decade

    • Global land temperature anomalies 1880-2020

    • Global ocean temperature anomalies 1880-2020

    • Greenhouse gases emissions in Canada 1990-2019

    • Canada's greenhouse gas emissions 1990-2019, by province

    • Canada's greenhouse gas emissions breakdown 2019, by sector

  • 2. Eco-anxiety
    • Share of people worried about climate change in Canada 2021

    • Canada's perspectives about climate change 2021, by ideology

    • Canadians' opinion on threat of climate change 2021, by age group

    • Environmental issues of most concern in Canada 2019

    • Share of Canadians believing that climate change is beyond human control 2020, by age

    • State of the environment for future generations according to Canadians 2020, by age

  • 3. Consumer actions
    • How Canadians purchase in a sustainable way 2019

    • Canadians willing to pay extra for sustainable non-food items 2019, by claim

    • Importance of commitment to sustainability of groceries stores in Canada 2021

    • Consumer attitudes towards non-plastic packaging grocery in Canada 2020

    • Share of Canadians regularly purchasing organic products 2016-2019

    • Consumer willingness to pay premiums for locally grown fresh produce in Canada 2020

    • Climate change impact on Canadians' meat and fish consumption 2019, by age and gender

    • Canadians purchasing food with green packaging 2019, by generation

  • 4. Climate policies
    • Canadians' views on the country's 2030 emission reduction targets 2021

    • Canadians who think Canada should do more to reach Paris target 2021, by demographics

    • Public support for policies that can help Canada meet its new climate target 2021

    • Canadians' support for Liberal and Conservative carbon pricing plans 2021

    • Support for the LNG Quebec/Pipeline project among Quebecers 2020-2021

    • Canadians' views on budget focus on sustainable practices 2021, by voting intentions

  • 5. Opinions on government actions
    • Most trusted government on climate change and energy issues among Canadians 2020

    • Canadians rating governments' cooperation on climate change as poor 2021, by region

    • Quality of Canada's partnerships with Indigenous peoples on energy projects 2021

    • Canadians' trust in environmental leaders 2021, by province and political ideology

    • Canadians' view of Justin Trudeau's record on climate change 2021, by age group

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