Personality & Behavior

Personality and behavior are very popular topics both in scientific and general discussions. Even if it is a subjective matter, studies can find out, for example, what are the most common fears or preferences among the population. For instance, global research reveals that we find poverty and social inequality, unemployment, crime and violence, corruption, healthcare, and education to be the topics we worry about most. The issue of fighting inequalities has been the subject of many surveys. Worldwide, people believe that more female presence in government and politics as well as equal access to education will help to end gender-related disparities.

Most common worries worldwide
Poverty and social inequality
Countries most concerned about climate change
Australia, Germany, China
Countries most concerned about immigration
Germany, United States, Belgium

Industry Insights

Patriotism in the U.S.


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Fear & anxiety

Conspiracy theories
United States: Belief in selected conspiracy theories in 2019
United States: Belief in selected conspiracy theories in 2019
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A cospiracy theory arises from the belief that certain events are the results of actions of powerful or influential groups kept hidden from the public eye. Among the most famous conspiracy theories, we find those on moon landing, vaccination, aliens in Area 51, 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, and so on. Indeed, about half of Americans believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in assassinating JFK, which was the most popular conspiracy theory according to a survey from the United States.

The JFK assassination
The moon landing
Climate change as a hoax

Preferences & Aversions

What people understand as human rights
Do you agree or disagree with the statement that individual freedom is more important than social justice?
Do you agree or disagree with the statement that individual freedom is more important than social justice?
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Human rights are rights that belong to every single individual on earth regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, language, etc. This includes the right to life, the freedom from torture, the right to education, freedom of speech, and many more. However, these ideals do not reflect the actual status of people living worldwide. Among others, this happens because the understanding of human rights is not the same from country to country, or even from person to person.

Socialized healthcare
Education as a human right
Representation of the working class

Industry Definition

The category personality & behavior includes the results of a broad variety of surveys. The category collects data on ethical states, spiritual beliefs, personality traits, major fears, psychological well-being, and so on. Some of the most popular statistics are positions on LGBTQ rights, worries about future events, such as war, climate change, and human rights. Additionally, various studies can be found on millennials, teenegers, spiritual beliefs, patriotism, and more.


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