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Personality & Behavior statistics This is the right category for all facts and data concerning one’s personal opinion. There is no limit to the variety of topics for which we have compiled surveys and polls – so if you're looking for opinions, search no further!

Among other topics, personality & behavior encompasses survey and poll results, processed into facts and data on life standard questions, for example, on confidence in one’s career choices, on aversions and preferences in general, or even on philosophical questions like the belief in heaven or hell. Anything that can be transformed into a question can be found as a statistic in this category.

Statista also offers an ever increasing number of dossiers on personality and behavior topics, of course, for example on death and mourning, on singles, love and dating, or on teenagers in the United States - a demographic so diverse, we have even compiled several different dossiers on it -, and many more.

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