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Life statistics Everyday life seems full of routines and well-known occurrences with little variety – however, a closer look reveals that it is one of the most exciting topics to research. We at Statista are constantly striving to cover all of its various diverse and colorful aspects, granting you an insight into your peers’ opinions, attitudes and preferences. This category deals with facts and statistics on what we consider to be the main topics of lifestyle and everyday life.

Browsing through this category, you’ll find numerous statistics on love, relationships and personal opinion, as well as facts, surveys and data on family life, love and sex, personality and behavior, family and friends, as well as on anxiety and fears. Additionally, we offer figures on celebrities and showbiz, and on everything else you wouldn’t have even thought possible as statistics. Last but not least, we also offer a number of dossiers full of data on everyday life, including weddings and marriage, death, or pets, and a variety of other topics.

If you’ve always wanted to know how many heavy metal bands there are in the EU 27 member states, then this is the right category for you. Also, if you have ever wondered about the sexual intercourse rates amongst singles and married individuals in the United States, then wonder no more, simply click on the link or browse our database to find figures on this and related topics. By the way, we also have statistics on the most believable apocalyptic movies – but that one you’ll have to find yourself.

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