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Statista Dossier on the oil and gas company Total S.A.

This dossier presents graphs and tables that deal with the multinational oil and gas company Total S.A. Based on revenue, Total is one of the largest European companies worldwide, and a leading global player in the oil and gas industry. This dossier places the company in a global context and also provides information on the company's most interesting financial, productivity, and infrastructural highlights.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Daily global crude oil demand 2006-2026

    • Crude oil global reserves 1990-2019

    • Global oil production 1998-2019

  • 2. Financials
    • Total SE's revenue 2010-2020

    • Total SE's net profits 2010-2020

    • Total SE's market value at year end 2009-2020

    • Total SE's dividend per share 2009-2020

    • Total SE's total assets 2010-2020

    • Total SE's cash flow 2010-2020

    • Total SE's net investments 2016-2020

    • Total SE's capital investments 2010-2020

    • Total SE's employment figures 2008-2020

  • 3. Segments
    • Total SE's proved reserves by region 2020

    • Total SE's non-Group sales by segment 2011-2020

    • Total SE's non-group sales by region 2018-2020

    • Total S.A. expenses by type 2012-2019

  • 4. Competitors
    • Leading oil and gas producers based on market cap April 2021

    • 2020 global list of the top oil and gas companies based on revenue

    • Global 2020 ranking of oil and gas companies based on net income

    • Global oil and natural gas companies based on number of employees 2020

  • 5. Specialties
    • Total S.A.'s GHG emission share by type 2019

    • Total S.A.'s methane (CH4) emission share by source 2019

    • Total S.A.'s greenhouse gas emissions by region 2015-2018

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