Gold reserves by country as of August 2016 (in metric tons)

This statistic presents the gold reserves of largest gold holding countries worldwide as of August 2016. The central bank of Germany held gold reserves of approximately 3,378.2 metric tons.

Gold reserves - additional information

Gold has served as a means of exchange for thousands of years. This is no longer true, yet governments are still adding to their gold reserves. As of October 2015, the United States had the largest gold reserve – more than 8,000 metric tons of gold. This was more than twice the gold reserves of Germany and more than three times the gold reserves of Italy and France. China was ranked fifth for the amount of gold it has on reserve, but more gold is being mined in China than any other country in the world. While the share of gold reserves constituted 73.4 percent of the U.S. central bank holdings in 2015, in China this figure amounted to only 1.8 percent.

Australia on the other hand, is home to the largest gold mine reserves in addition to being the second largest producer of gold. While gold no longer serves as an object of exchange and as a confirmation value, gold remains an investment asset for governments and it could provide a safeguard against inflation or recession. Yet it would not be the best time to do so, as the average price of gold has dropped slightly in the last few years.

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 Gold reserves in metric tons
United States 8,133.5
Germany 3,378.2
IMF 2,814
Italy 2,451.8
France 2,435.8
China 1,823.3
Russia 1,498.7
Switzerland 1,040
Japan 765.2
Netherlands 612.5
India 557.8
ECB 504.8
Turkey* 474.4
Taiwan 422.7
Portugal 382.5
Saudi Arabia 322.9
United Kingdom 310.3
Lebanon 286.8
Spain 281.6
Austria 280
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