Report: Employers in the U.S. 2017

What makes a company an employer of choice? Based on almost 30,000 employee interviews, this report contains detailed results and data for more than 1,800 large and mid-size American employers.



Using online access panels, and Forbes have anonymously and independently surveyed 30,000 American employees. Based on the results of this survey, over 1,800 large and mid-size employers from 25 industry sectors have been given a score.

The report includes the following data:

• Top employers across all industries
• Top employers by industry sector and region
• Analysis of the six drivers that determine employer attractiveness for over 1,800 large and mid-size employers
• Driver analysis by industry, sociodemographic characteristics and the level of employment of employees
• Net Promoter Score for each industry and various sociodemographic characteristics of employees
• Recommendations to increase employer attractiveness
• International comparison of results from surveys conducted in Canada, France, Germany and Austria; including a detailed analysis of the Canada ranking by region, industry and sociodemographic characteristics.


The report contains 3 documents: a clearly structured PDF presentation of the results of all examined industries and two comprehensive Excel worksheets containing both company and industry data.

The PDF presentation contains an analysis of results laid out in a professional and easy to read format, using graphical representations. In addition to the employer’s individual score and ranking, drivers of an employer’s attractiveness are analyzed and ascertained for each of the 25 industry sectors and sociodemographic groups, etc.

Furthermore, based on the in-depth driver analysis, the document contains recommendations designed to increase employer attractiveness.

The first Excel document contains all individual scores, driver values and additional information for over 1,800 large and mid-size employers.

The second Excel document contains all 6 driver values for sociodemographic groups (age, gender, level of employment, etc.) and for each industry sector.

The reading sample contains an overview of the results included in the report and an overview of all surveyed employers.

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