Corruption in Italy

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Statista Dossier on corruption in Italy

Table of contents

    • Share of people who say their government is run by a corrupt elite by country 2019

    • Corruption perception index score of countries in the European Union 2021

    • Corruption Perceptions Index in Italy 2012-2020

    • Public trust in institutions in Italy 2020

    • Public trust in State Police in Italy 2013-2021

    • Public trust in political leaders in Italy 2021

    • NGOs trust index in Italy 2013-2021

    • Public trust in the Church in Italy 2009-2020

    • Institutional organization of whistleblowers in Italy 2020

    • Distribution of whistleblowing cases in Italy 2020, by type

    • Distribution of whistleblowing cases by macro-region in Italy 2020

    • Number of whistleblowing cases in Italy 2015-2020

    • Money laundering rate in Italy 2020, by province

    • Reports of suspected money laundering in Italy 2012-2020

    • Suspicious financial operations in Italy 2020, by region

    • Suspected money laundering operations in Italy H2 2020, by reporter

    • Crimes reported by the police forces to the judicial authority in Italy 2019, by type

    • Number of mafia-type associations in Italy 2004-2020

    • Usury rate in Italy 2020, by province

    • Distribution of most frequent scams in Italy 2018-2020

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