Financial crimes in China

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Statista Dossier on financial crimes in China

Table of contents

    • Number of crimes in China 2015-2020, by type

    • Most common occupational fraud schemes APAC 2017

    • Corruption cases: median loss worldwide by region 2020-2021

    • Global financial cyber crime losses 2017, by victim country

    • Usefulness of selected technology in financial crime prevention worldwide 2019

    • Fraud detection and prevention market size worldwide 2016-2022

    • Number of accepted financial fraud cases by the court in China 2016-2018

    • Distribution of accepted financial fraud prosecutions in China 2018, by type

    • Distribution of credit card fraud cases in China 2016-2018

    • Ratio of credit card fraud cases in China's selected banks 2016-2018

    • Main online scam scenarios in China 2021

    • Leading channels of telemarketing and online fraud in China 2019

    • Gender distribution of telemarketing and online fraud victims in China 2019, by type

    • Age distribution of telemarketing and online fraud victims in China 2020, by type

    • Money lost due to online shopping scams in Hong Kong 2016-2020

    • Number of corruption convictions in China 2013-2017

    • Confiscation value of corruption convictions in China 2013-2017

    • Number of suspicious transactions reported to Hong Kong's ICAC 2013-2018

    • Number of corruption offenses in received MLA requests by Hong Kong 2013-2017

    • Number of money laundering convictions in China based on crime type 2014-2019

    • Number of suspicious transaction reports on terrorism financing China 2015-H1 2018

    • Confiscation value of illegal foreign currency carriage when leaving China 2013-2016

    • Number of arrested persons financing terrorist activities in China 2012-2016

    • Number of money laundering investigations by Hong Kong's authorities 2013-2017

    • Number of terrorism financing investigations in Hong Kong 2013-2017, by intelligence

    • Number of penalized financial institutions by People's Bank of China 2012-2017

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