Women's sports participation in the United Kingdom (UK)

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Statista dossier on female sport participation in the United Kingdom (UK)

Table of contents

    • Female participation in sport and physical activity England 2016-2021

    • Share of females participating in sport and physical activity England 2016-2021

    • England: number of physically active people 2016-2021, by gender

    • England: number of fitness activity participants 2017-2018, by gender

    • England: sporting activities participants 2016-2018, by gender

    • England: number of physically active men and women 2018, by type of activity

    • Children's sports participation in England 2018, by gender and age

    • England: distribution of people attending group exercise classes 2016-2018, by gender

    • Volunteering participation in support of sport England 2019 by gender

    • England: distribution of boys and girls 2018, by liking of playing sport

    • Proportion meeting physical activity guidelines in Northern Ireland 2017, by gender

    • Northern Ireland: female sport participation or physical activity per week 2014-20

    • Northern Ireland: leading sports & physical activities among females 2021

    • NI: share of female participants in sport outside school 2018/19, by type of sport

    • NI: share of females' participation in sport outside of school last 4 weeks 2018/2019

    • NI: share of female participating in afterschool sports previous year 2016/17

    • NI: share of sport participation benefits 2019/2020, by gender

    • Scotland: percentages of female adults sport participation in Scotland 2019

    • Scotland: distribution of sportscotland supported clubs members 2016-19, by gender

    • Gender of sports coaches in Scotland as of 2017

    • Scotland: distribution of qualified and active sposrtscotland coaches 2019, by gender

    • Scotland: distribution of distinct sportscotland Active Schools participants 2016-19

    • Wales: frequency of sport participation in 2019, by gender

    • Wales: share of people with sports club memberships 2017, by region and gender

    • Wales: female pupils highest participation in community club sports 2018

    • Wales: female students' participation in sports as of July 2018, by type

    • Wales: girls highest participation in extracurricular sports in 2018

    • Wales: female pupils' participation in sports as of July 2018 by type

    • Wales: pupils' comfortability with PE & school sport July 2018, by gender & frequency

    • Wales: recreational activities of female students in Wales 2018, by participation

    • Wales: shares of students who would like to do more sport 2018, by activity & gender

    • Wales: greatest influences for sports participation for female students 2018

    • Wales: companion for female students when doing sports 2018

    • Wales: reasons for female students to do more sport and physical activities July 2018

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