Women's sports in France

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Statista dossier on women's sports in France

The dossier presents the most up-to-date data on women's sport in France. A comparative study of the sports most practiced by women in france will be discussed. An inventory of the feminization of sports federations will also be presented with a focus on the disciplines with the most women, such as horseback riding or tennis. A chapter is dedicated to women's professional sports, including athletes' revenues and a presentation of the main champion clubs in women's team sports leagues. Data on the sports habits of French women and their consumption in the sportswear market will also be covered in two chapters.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Leading sports activities among women in France 2018

    • Leading sports activities among women aged over 40 years in France 2018

    • Share of sport licenses issued to women in France 2011-2019

    • Number of women in the technical management of sports in France 2012-2019

    • Breakdown of sports federation presidents in France 2020, by gender

    • Sports diplomas issued by the Ministry of Sports in France 2018, by gender

  • 2. Sporting habits
    • Frequency of women's sports activity in France 2020

    • Physical activity supervision rate among women in France 2018

    • Share of number of steps per day among French women 2018

    • Opinion on the time devoted to sport by French women compared to men 2021, by gender

    • Share of French people having done online sports during lockdown in 2020, by gender

    • Sport practice since the beginning of COVID-19 crisis in France 2021, by gender

  • 3. Sports federation
    • Number of women members of single-sport Olympic sports federations in France 2019

    • Share of women in each French Olympic single-sport leagues 2019

    • Number of licenses issued by sports federations in France 2019, by gender

    • French Equestrian Federation: female licenses in France 2019, by age

    • French Football Federation: female licenses in France 2019, by age

    • Tennis Federation: female licenses issued in France 2019, by age

    • French Dance Federation: female licenses by age in France 2019

    • French Gymnastics federation: female licenses in France 2019, by age

  • 4. Professional sportswomen
    • Interest in women's sports on television in France in 2019

    • Views on the FIFA Women's World Cup in France 2019

    • Favorite player of France women's national football team 2019

    • Breakdown of Elite athletes in France 2020-2021, by gender

    • Number of top female athletes in France 2019-2021, by category

    • Average salary in women's team sports leagues in France 2019

    • Breakdown of French women's soccer championship titles 1975-2020

    • Breakdown of French women's basketball championship titles 1937-2019

    • Breakdown of French women's volleyball championship titles 1941-2019

  • 5. Sportswear
    • Annual budget dedicated by French women to their sportswear 2016

    • French lingerie shopping venues 2016

    • Elements of their sportswear that French women judge the most important 2016

    • Sportswear: the most important criteria for French women 2016

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