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Statista Dossier about plastic waste worldwide

This dossier presents graphs and tables about plastic waste worldwide.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Global data on plastic production and waste 1950-2017

    • Global flow of plastic polymer material 2016

    • Key data on global plastics recycling businesses by select country 2017

    • Weight of U.S. plastic waste exports by country 2017-2018

    • Global import volume of waste plastics by select country 2015

  • 2. Plastic waste behavior
    • Share of plastics in global municipal solid waste by region 2018

    • Global generation of plastic MSW by region 2018

    • Global contamination of plastic fibers in tap water by select country 2017

    • Global worry about plastic waste by key country 2019

    • Global actions to decrease plastic waste 2019

  • 3. Plastic disposal
    • Global share of plastic waste by type 2015

    • Global share of plastic waste by disposal method 1980-2015

    • Global forecast plastic GHG emissions 2019-2050

    • Global life cycle GHG emissions from fossil-fuel based plastics by stage 2015

  • 4. Plastic waste in oceans
    • Global polluting rivers by plastic inputs to oceans 2017

    • Global plastic input share from rivers into oceans by region 2015

    • Global shoreline waste collected by packaging type 2018

    • Global waste collected along shorelines by select country 2019

    • Global weight of plastic pieces in oceans 2014

    • Global animal species with records of marine debris entanglement 2015

    • Global species with records of marine debris ingestion 2015

    • Global volume of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch by material 2015

    • Global sources of ocean microplastics 2018

  • 5. Micro and macroplastics
    • Global losses of macro- and microplastics to the environment by region 2018

    • Global amount of macro- and microplastics lost to the environment by type 2018

    • Global loss of microplastics to the environment by region 2018

    • Global volume of microfibers in textiles and environmental losses by region 2018

    • Global volume of microbeads in products and lost to environment by region 2018

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