Coronavirus: economic impact in Italy

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Statista Dossier on the economic impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Italy

Table of contents

    • Forecasted GDP growth in Italy 2020-2022

    • Forecasted government deficit in Italy 2021-2022

    • Percentage change in industrial production in Italy 2020-2021

    • Y-o-Y industrial production growth rate in Italy 2020/2021, by industrial groupings

    • Change in consumption volume due to coronavirus in Italy 2021, by sector

    • Economic Sentiment Indicator in Italy 2020-2021

    • Forecasted unemployment rate in Italy 2020-2022

    • Unemployment benefits requests growth in Italy 2020, by region

    • Monthly hours of wage subsidies due to COVID-19 in Italy 2020

    • Percentage change in hours worked in Italy 2018-2020

    • Impact of COVID-19 on hotel industry's employment in Italy 2020-2021

    • Work contracts ended in Italy 2019-2021

    • Tourist consumption loss due to COVID-19 in Italy 2020, by sector

    • Monthly number of international tourist arrivals in Italy 2018-2022

    • Monthly overnight stays by international tourists in Italy 2019-2022

    • Monthly spending of international tourists in Italy 2019-2022

    • Monthly tourism balance in Italy 2019-2022

    • Percentage change in visitors to State museums in Italy 2020, by month

    • Net income of State museums in Italy 2019-2020, by region

    • Confidence climate in the retail trade sector in Italy 2019-2021

    • CPG demand index for supermarkets in Italy 2020

    • Italy: CPG demand index for hypermarkets 2020-2021

    • Non-food products retail sales monthly index in Italy 2017-2022

    • Furnishing products retail sales monthly index in Italy 2017-2022

    • COVID-19 impact on e-commerce companies' revenue in Italy 2020-2021

    • E-commerce users' reported activity in Italy 2021

    • Most used marketplaces by e-commerce companies in Italy 2021

    • Distribution of e-commerce purchases in Italy 2015-2020, by device

    • Average online shopper spend in Italy Q3 2020-Q2 2022

    • Leading Android shopping apps in Italy 2022, by downloads

    • Leading iPhone shopping apps in Italy 2022, by downloads

    • Total stream duration in Italy weekly 2022, by channel

    • Number of movie tickets sold in Italy in 2021, by month

    • Box office revenue in Italy 2021, by month

    • COVID-19: forecast revenue change of cultural and creative companies in Italy 2021

    • GGR of online sports betting in Italy 2020-2021

    • Sports stadium safe attendance capacity public opinion in Italy 2021

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