U.S. presidents 1789-2021

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Statista Dossier on Presidents of the United States of America from 1789 to 2021

This dossier presents a range of statistics and facts relating to all United States presidents, from the first, George Washington, to the incumbent, Joe Biden. A total of 45 men (officially 46) have served in the highest position of executive power in the United States, since the very first election in 1789. The U.S. presidents dossier includes data relating to these men's backgrounds, their time in office, and how they are remembered in history.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Age of US Presidents when first taking office 1789-2021

    • Share of electoral and popular votes by each United States president 1789-2020

    • Party affiliation of U.S. presidents 1789-2021

    • Number of executive orders signed by U.S. presidents 1789-2021

  • 2. Background
    • Most common names of U.S. presidents 1789-2021

    • Heights of all U.S. presidents 1789-2021

    • Weights of all U.S. presidents 1789-2021

    • Number of U.S. presidents born in each state 1789-2021

    • Universities attended by U.S. presidents by level of achievement 1751-1991

    • Number of foreign languages spoken by U.S. presidents 1789-2021

    • Highest military rank held by U.S. presidents 1789-1973

    • Previous roles and professions of U.S. presidents 1789-2021

    • Number of children of U.S. presidents 1789-2021

  • 3. Time in office
    • Length of United States President's terms 1789-2021

    • Length of inaugural addresses of U.S. Presidents 1789-2021

    • Votes for presidential impeachment in the U.S. senate in 1868-2021

    • Number of countries visited by U.S. presidents 1906-2021

    • Number of U.S. presidential visits to each country 1906-2021, by president

  • 4. Death and legacy
    • Length of life and cause of death of U.S. presidents 1799-2021

    • Number of assassinations and attempts to assassinate U.S. presidents 1835-2005

    • Number of U.S. presidents who died in each state 1799-2018

    • Number of slaves owned by U.S. presidents 1789-1877

    • Historians' ranking of U.S. presidents 2017

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