Bank loans in France

Bank loans in France
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Statista Dossier about bank loans in France

Table of contents

    • Share of French households having credits in France 1989-2019

    • Share of French households with credits taken out from a credit institution 2009-2019

    • Household debt ratio in France Q1 2007-Q3 2021

    • Personal loans: monthly value of outstanding amounts in France 2017-2021

    • Credits of non-financial resident and non-resident customers by type in France 2021

    • Total outstanding in business loans in France 2007-2018

    • Share of French households having consumer credits in France 2001-2019

    • Quarterly value of individual consumer credits in France Q4 2013 - Q3 2021

    • Annual growth rate of consumer credit to private individuals in France 2015-2022

    • Year-on-year growth rate of consumer credit to households in France 2007-2022

    • Outstanding amounts of leasing for purchase as consumer credit in France 2010-2021

    • Outstanding amounts of overdraft credit in France 2011-2021

    • Value of French individual automotive loans for new and used cars 2013-2020

    • French households financing projects with consumer credits 2009-2019, by project

    • Outstanding credits to French resident companies by company size 2019

    • Outstanding equipment leasing to very small businesses in France 2017-2019

    • Outstanding property loans to very small businesses in France 2017-2019

    • Average corporate overdraft credit rate in France 2016-2021

    • Average corporate equipment credit rate in France 2016-2021

    • Corporate real estate loan rate in France 2016-2021

    • Interest rate of business loans to small and medium enterprises in France 2016-2021

    • Interest rate of business loans to large enterprises in France 2006-2021

    • Share of French households having home loans in France 2001-2020

    • Average value of mortgage granted in France 2006-2021

    • Regional distribution of mortgages: outstanding amounts in France 2021

    • Outstanding residential mortgage lending in France Q1 2018- Q1 2022

    • Mortgage interest rate in France Q4 2014-Q1 2022

    • Annual average interest rate on new mortgage loans in France 2006-2020

    • Mortgage loan: variation of rates by loan duration in France 2020

    • Real estate loans rates in France by loan duration 2012-2019

    • Value of customer loans from Société Générale at amortised cost worldwide 2013-2021

    • CIC Bank: customer loans value in France 2021, by regional branches

    • Groupe BPCE : value of loans and receivables due from customers France 2013-2018

    • CIC Bank: consumer credit loans value in France 2020

    • Value of customer loans and deposits of Société Générale worldwide 2010-2021

    • Caisse d'Épargne bank: value of customer loans France 2012-2021

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