Financial Services

Financial services include a wide variety of services that make up an essential part of our everyday life. Commercial banks supply customers with personal, commercial and mortgage loans, payment cards, and investment products among other things. Investment banks offers services such as access to capital markets and underwriting debt and equity to assist in company deals such as mergers and acquisitions.

Largest payment card brand worldwide
Leading region for venture capital financing worldwide
North America
Global investments in fintech companies
135.7bn USD

Market size

Saudi Aramco was the largest IPO globally
Largest IPOs worldwide as of July 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars)
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Private companies can grow through an initial public offering (IPO), which is when the company offers shares to the public for the first time through a stock exchange to raise money. The largest IPO worldwide as of June 2020 was of Saudi Aramco, a Saudi Arabian multinational petroleum and natural gas company. Their IPO raised around 26.6 billion U.S. dollars in December 2019.

IPOs in the U.S.
Chinese IPOs
Number of IPOs in the U.S.

Market segments

Which company is the highest valued unicorn globally?
Leading unicorns worldwide as of April 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars)
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A unicorn is a privately owned company with a market value of over one billion U.S. dollars. The Chinese FinTech company ANT Group, formerly known as ANT Financial, was the highest valued unicorn worldwide as of January 2020. The group owns Alipay, which is the largest digital payment platform in China. ANT Group was valued at 125 billion U.S. dollars by venture capital firms in 2020.

Unicorns worldwide
Leading unicorns in China
Number of unicorns around the world

Industry trends

Fintech is a rapidly growing industry
Number of fintech startups worldwide from 2018 to November 2021, by region
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With the increasing trend of ecommerce purchases and mobile payments, fintech is a rapidly growing industry serving both consumers and businesses. The new technological solutions developed for the financial services industry are mostly made by startup companies. There were almost 8.8 thousand fintech startups in North America in 2020, which is the leading region for Fintech startups in the world.

Fintech market in Europe
Fintech in China

Industry leaders

PayPal continues to grow their customer base
Number of PayPal's total active user accounts from 1st quarter 2010 to 2nd quarter 2021 (in millions)
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One of the most popular online and mobile payment systems around the globe is PayPal. After more than a decade of continuous growth in number of users, the online payment provider had 361 million active user accounts as of third quarter 2020. The company was founded in 1998 and provides online money transfers and payment processing for online vendors and other commercial users.

Mobile payments worldwide
Apple Pay

Unique aspect of the industry

The largest acquisition deal in history
Largest merger and acquisition transactions worldwide as of January 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars)
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The world’s highest valued merger and acquisition transaction was Vodafone AirTouch PLC’s takeover of Mannesmann AG in 1999. The deal reached a transaction value of 202.8 billion U.S. dollars, and no larger merger and acquisition deal has taken place since. The financial advisor of Vodafone for the acquisition was Goldman Sachs Group Inc., which is the second largest financial advisor to M&A deals worldwide, after the leader JPMorgan.

Mergers and acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions in Europe
U.S. mergers and acquisitions

Industry Definition

The financial services section covers a broad range of statistics and facts on wide variety of sectors. These sectors include corporate financing, fintech, loans and leasing, mergers and acquisitions and private equity, payments, and savings and debt.

More interesting topics from the industry "Financial Services"

More interesting topics from the industry "Financial Services"


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