Endpoint security

Endpoint security
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Statista dossier about Endpoint security

Table of contents

    • IT security services spending worldwide 2017-2023

    • Global IT security spending growth 2023, by segment

    • Cybersecurity: global market revenue 2018-2022, by quarter

    • Global cybersecurity technology growth rate forecast 2021, by technology

    • Security as a Service revenues worldwide 2018-2026

    • Endpoint security market size worldwide 2020-2024

    • Total global edge enabled IoT devices 2020-2030, by market

    • Notebook, desktop PC, and tablet shipments worldwide 2010-2025

    • Computer penetration rate among households worldwide 2005-2019

    • Global smartphone sales to end users 2007-2021

    • Leading global data breach methods 2019

    • Leading IT security threats according to cyber security professionals 2021

    • Focus of future cyber security investments by businesses worldwide 2021

    • CISOs that say more cyberattacks have occurred with remote working 2021, by country

    • Global security appliance vendor market share 2012-2022, by quarter

    • Segment revenue of CrowdStrike 2017-2022

    • Revenue of VMware worldwide 2015-2022, by segment

    • FireEye global revenue 2017-2020, by segment

    • McAfee's global net revenue 2019-2020, by segment

    • Kaspersky Lab's revenue worldwide 2016-2021

    • Revenue of Palo Alto Networks worldwide 2015-2022

    • Trend Micro's quarterly sales FY 2012-2021, by segment

    • Corporate endpoint security software products market revenue by vendor 2018-2020

    • Corporate endpoint security software products market share 2018-2021, by vendor

    • Endpoint protection software market share worldwide 2022, by vendor

    • Increase of sensitive data instances on enterprise devices: COVID-19 impact

    • IT security policy areas covered for businesses worldwide 2021

    • Security solution effectiveness rates in NA and Europe 2021

    • Businesses' remote work information security protocols Europe and United States 2021

    • Global IT security technologies enterprise adoption level 2021

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