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Statista dossier about Information Technology security

Table of contents

    • Total revenue global information security market 2011-2021

    • Spending on information security products and services worldwide 2016-2024

    • Global cybersecurity spending 2017-2021 (COVID-19 adjusted)

    • Global managed security services market size 2020-2026

    • Security as a Service revenues worldwide 2018-2026

    • Cybersecurity workforce gap worldwide 2020, by region

    • Number of cybersecurity professionals worldwide 2021, by country

    • Total spending on global information security market by segment 2017-2021

    • Global TAM for network security, cloud security, and security operations 2019-2024

    • Global security appliance market revenue 2012-2021, by quarter

    • Regional share of the global security appliance market 2014-2021

    • Endpoint security market size worldwide 2020-2024

    • Advanced persistent threat global market size 2015-2025

    • Corporate web security market size worldwide 2016-2026

    • Global secure email gateway market value forecast 2020-2025

    • Global DLP market value forecast from 2019 to 2025

    • Public cloud management and security services market size 2015-2023

    • Top cybersecurity companies worldwide 2017-2020

    • Global security appliance vendor market share 2012-2021, by quarter

    • Network security software market share worldwide 2021, by vendor

    • Corporate endpoint security software products market revenue by vendor 2018-2020

    • Global top 10 largest funds raised by cybersecurity companies 2020

    • Google and Microsoft five year cybersecurity investments plans 2021

    • Global market scores held by Windows anti-malware vendors 2021

    • Usage of security solutions worldwide 2021

    • Post-pandemic cybersecurity priorities worldwide 2020

    • Global factors for deploying IT security technologies in organizations 2021

    • Global metrics used to evaluate economic benefits of IT security technologies 2021

    • Biggest cloud security concerns 2020-2021

    • Focus of future cyber security investments by businesses worldwide 2021

    • Enterprise encryption usage worldwide FY2016-FY2020, by country

    • Enterprise-wide encryption solution usage worldwide 2012-2020, by industry

    • Enterprise encryption technology use worldwide FY2020, by business area

    • Cyber crime: biggest online data breaches as of 2021

    • Cyber attack threat impact and scenarios on businesses worldwide 2021

    • Cyber security attack impact on businesses worldwide 2021

    • Number of malware attacks per year 2015-2020

    • Number of ransomware attacks per year 2016-2020

    • Countries with highest mobile malware encounter rate Q3 2021

    • Level of security automation in global organizations 2019-2021

    • Level of IT security automation in organizations worldwide 2021

    • Leading requirements for security automation in global organizations 2019-2021

    • Potential risks in security automation in 2020 and 2021

    • Average security automation deployment worldwide 2020, by country

    • Average cost of a data breach by security automation level in global companies 2021

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