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As the first of the millennial generation has entered its thirties, the topic of health has become increasingly important for America’s largest living generation. As of 2016, around 77 percent of millennials in the U.S. rated their general health condition as excellent or good, with depression, being overweight, and anxiety disorders among the most common health conditions millennials were diagnosed with. On average, over a third of millennials exercise two to three days per week for at least 30 minutes, but 24 percent still smoke cigarettes, compared to 10 percent of Generation Xers and 13 percent of baby boomers.

Millennials have seen interesting changes in the U.S. health system, including the passing of the Affordable Care Act and repeal of many of its provisions, but remained generally satisfied with the quality of the health care system up until early 2016. From July 2013 to April 2016, the percentage of millennials without health insurance decreased by half, with 71 percent of millennials now privately insured and 18 percent publicly insured. However, disparities are still visible across ethnicities, with 17 percent of Hispanic millennials uninsured compared to 9 percent of White millennials.

Although millennials currently enjoy greater health insurance coverage than before, a significant portion still do not feel informed about the health insurance options that are available to them. Unsurprisingly, millennials are more likely than older generations to utilize technology for health and wellness information. As of 2016, approximately 40 percent of millennials stated they used Facebook or a similar social network for health and wellness, and 30 percent used wearables such as Fitbit. Recent surveys found that millennials were more likely than older generations to be dissatisfied with their most recent medical visit and over 80 percent of millennials believed services such as testing and screening for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and prescription birth control should be covered by health insurance.

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