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A merger is the process by which two or more companies merge together as one new company, while the acquisition often refers to the process when a financially stronger company acquires over 50 percent of shares of another company and folds it into its operation. The motivation for mergers and acquisitions is to increase the present capabilities of a company and get better further development. Since the two processes both involve the process of combining two companies together, the use of the two terms has become increasingly blended. Instead of using merger or acquisition separately, the process of corporate combinations is just described as merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions.

In recent years, the M&A market landscape in China has changed fundamentally. While the growth of inbound M&A was more likely to be affected by global economic crisis and fluctuating Chinese growth, more and more Chinese companies are seeking their opportunities through buying companies overseas.

Most M&A transactions of Chinese companies still take place in the domestic market. The economically better developed regions including China’s largest cities Beijing and Shanghai are still leading the market. In 2018, 299 M&A transactions were completed in Beijing with transaction value of around 207 billion yuan. In the overseas market, European companies are getting increasingly popular, whereas Chinese buyers’ M&A activities in the United States were restricted due to tense relationship between the two countries.

In the context of Chinese internet giants competing for market share, some M&A transactions of internet companies were particularly worth mentioning. In 2018, Alibaba has taken full control of the startup which specializes on local food delivery service. This deal indicates Alibaba’s great ambition in the local services sector. Real estate, financial services and telecommunication remain sectors where M&A transactions with large deal value took place.

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Mergers & acquisitions in China

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