Mergers and Acquisitions - Statistics & Facts

Mergers and Acquisitions - Statistics & Facts

Statistics and facts on M&A worldwide

With the belief that two companies together are more valuable than when existing separately, individual companies often consolidate with a target of achieving greater efficiency and market share through merger and acquisition deals (M&A). Although the terms “merger” and “acquisition” are often used interchangeably, they represent different methods of company consolidation processes. A merger is a combination of two companies to form a new company, while an acquisition, called a hostile takeover, is the purchase of one company by another, in which no new company is formed.

The value of global mergers and acquisitions deals reached 3.24 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016. In that year, the United States proved to be the largest M&A market worldwide, with merger and acquisition deals amounting to approximately 1.46 trillion U.S. dollars. As far as the industry sectors are concerned, the highest value of M&A deals was signed in the energy, mining and utilities sector.

Merger and acquisition transactions, due to complexity of the whole process, are managed by financial advisory companies. Goldman Sachs was the leading M&A advisor in the United States, Europe, in terms of value of M&A transactions in which it assisted.

The main drivers of the M&A deals in the United States in 2016, as projected in October 2015, were large cash reserves within the companies and new opportunities in the emerging markets. According to M&A professionals from U.S. corporations, technology and pharmaceuticals/biotechnology sectors were projected to be the most active M&A sectors in 2016.

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