Honda Owners Are Most At Risk From Car Theft


The adoption of new security technologies like engine immobilizers and computer chip coded keys have put a significant dent in car theft. New vehicles are far less likely to be targeted because hot-wiring has become extremely difficult and thieves have focused their attention on top-selling older models.

Various models of the Honda Accord have the undesirable reputation as America's most stolen car for 2013. Across the country, nearly 54,000 of them were stolen throughout the year. Another Honda model, the Civic, comes second with 45,000 thefts. The Chevrolet Silverado came third with 27,800 thefts in 2013. As depressing as these figures may seem, it isn't all doom and gloom for American car owners, especially American Honda owners. According to the FBI, car theft is firmly on the downward spiral. In fact, this year may represent a 50 percent fall in car theft from its peak in 1991.

Infographic: Honda Owners Are Most At Risk From Car Theft | Statista
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