Apple's App Store Is Growing by 1,000+ Apps a Day


When Apple opened the App Store in 2008, not even the keenest optimists could have imagined the impact it would have. Within a few years, apps fundamentally changed the way people interact with their phones and really put the smart in smartphones. Nowadays, whatever task you throw at your phone, you can bet that there’s an app for it.

Back in 2008, Apple opening up to developers was a huge deal. The company and its ingenious co-founder Steve Jobs had previously been firm believers of closed systems and even though people soon criticized Apple’s walled garden approach with respect to its strict app approval guidelines, developers jumped at the chance to build software for the iPhone.

Today, Apple device users can choose from more than 1.5 million applications and the number of available apps is growing faster than ever. According to data compiled by, developers are currently submitting more than 1,000 apps per day. In May, a record number of 39,992 apps were submitted for approval by Apple, indicating that developers aren’t running out of ideas of how to make our devices even smarter.

Infographic: Apple's App Store Is Growing by 1,000+ Apps a Day | Statista
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