Tesla Recalls 53,000 Cars Over Parking Brake Issue


Tesla has announced a global recall of 53,000 vehicles after the company discovered a “potential manufacturing issue with the electric parking brakes that could prevent the parking brake from releasing”. The recall affects Model S and Model X vehicles built between February and October 2016 or nearly 70 percent of last year’s deliveries.

Tesla notes that only a small fraction of the cars recalled may be affected by the issue, but that the brakes will be replaced in all vehicles because the problem is hard to diagnose. So far there have been no accidents related to the issue that, according to Tesla, is not a safety concern.

The recall comes at a bad time for Tesla, which is on the verge of beginning mass production of the new Model 3 later this year and plans to ramp up its still modest vehicle production rapidly over the next few years.

Infographic: Tesla Recalls 53,000 Cars Over Parking Brake Issue | Statista
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