Super Bowl

Record Super Bowl Ticket Prices Amid COVID Conditions

Tickets for this year’s installment of the Super Bowl, played on Feb 7 in Tampa, Fla., are reselling at higher prices than last year. Tickets purchased on the secondary market for any Super Bowl Game tend to come at a high premium, as data from vendor TicketIQ shows. The average price of a ticket is currently at US$12,477, up from "only" US$8,404 last year. Secondary ticket prices are expected to rise in price until game day.

The explosion in price is tied to reduced capacity at the game due to coronavirus restrictions. Still, 22,000 people are expected to attend. 7,500 of them are already vaccinated medical personnel who will be receiving free tickets, according to the NFL.

Another year on record when resold tickets were especially pricey was 2015. According to TicketIQ, prices may vary depending on how many tickets are released to the public each year, whether competing teams come from wealthier cities and even on how easy it is for fans to reach the Super Bowl from their respective home towns. Which teams will play this year's Super Bowl will be determined on Sunday.


This chart shows the average price of resold tickets for the Super Bowl since 2014.

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