Birth rate in the United States in 2014, by household income

This statistic shows the birth rate by family income in the US in 2015. The birth rate was 67.17 for women in households with an income under USD 10,000.

Birth rate by household income

According to data published by the U.S. Census Bureau, fertility was higher among women with lower household incomes in 2010. Fertility was highest among women with household income under 10,000 U.S. dollars annually. It was lowest, at 54.80 births per 1,000 women, for women with household incomes over 75,000 U.S. dollars annually. In one 2012 survey of affluent Americans, 7.30 percent of respondents with household incomes over 200,000 U.S. dollars annually reported planning to have or adopt a child within the next 12 months . In America, the birth rate is highest among women ages 25 to 29 years old. On a global scale fertility is also higher among women in a low income group, and lowest among women in high income groups. A woman in a lower income country had four children as of 2011, and a woman in a high income country had 1.8 children as of 2011.

A variety of factors may have influenced fertility among women of differing household incomes in the United States, including potential income loss caused by stopping work to raise children, cost of contraception, lack of information about contraception, or moral stance toward contraception use. According to one poll of women in May 2012, eight percent of American women reported thinking that using birth control was morally wrong. Women with no high school diploma or GED are less likely to take a birth control pill than women who have graduated from high school or gotten a GED. During a survey performed in 2011, 29 percent of women ages 25 to 34 reported that they delayed starting a family because of the economy and its impact on them.

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Annual Household IncomeNumber of births per 1,000 women
Under $10,000 67.16
$10,000-$14,999 65.04
$15,000-$24,999 60.28
$25,000-$34,999 58.97
$35,000-$49,999 56.05
$50,000-$74,999 52.75
$75,000-$99,999 49
$100,000-$149,999 46.05
$150,000-$199,999 43.52
$200,000 or more 42.87
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