National teams at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil ranked by market/transfer value of players (in million euros)

The statistic depicts the total market/transfer value of the participating national teams at the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The Spanish squad has a combined market/transfer value of 622 million euros.

Transfer value of World Cup squads – additional information

In international football, a team’s total market/transfer value refers to the sum of all of the transfer fees that each individual player could command in the current market at their club level. This market value is updated and amended regularly as it is assessed by the player’s salary, stats, age, and recent performances among other things.

In 2014, a total of 32 teams competed at the FIFA World Cup finals in Brazil. Spain, the champions of the previous World Cup in South Africa 2010, entered the tournament with the most valuable squad, estimated at €622 million. Andrés Iniesta of FC Barcelona was ranked as Spain’s most valuable player with an estimated market value of €55 million, making him the 5th most valuable player overall at the World Cup.

Germany, the eventual champions of the 2014 World Cup, had a market value of €562 million, the second highest of the 32 teams. At the other end of the scale, Honduras’ squad was ranked 32nd with a total market value €21.15 million. This figure was unsurprising as Luis Fernando Suarez, manager of the Honduran team, called up numerous players from the country’s largely unknown domestic league.

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 Total value in million euros
Spain 622
Germany 562
Brazil 467.5
France 411.75
Argentina 391.5
Belgium 348
England 334
Italy 323
Portugal 297.25
Uruguay 217.63
The Netherlands 207.5
Croatia 193.25
Colombia 190.2
Russia 183.8
Switzerland 178
Chile 139.3
Ivory Coast 121.7
Cameroon 118.45
Bosnia and Herzegovina 114.95
Japan 98
Mexico 96.55
Ghana 96.35
Nigeria 86.85
Greece 79.9
Ecuador 62.85
United States 57.8
Algeria 57.2
South Korea 51.93
Costa Rica 29.63
Iran 24.1
Australia 21.35
Honduras 21.15
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