Electricity in Ghana

Electricity in Ghana
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Statista dossier about electricity in Ghana

Table of contents

    • Average electricity end-user tariff in Ghana 2010-2021

    • Annual electricity sales volume in Ghana 2000-2021

    • Annual contributions of electricity to GDP in Ghana 2013-2020

    • Inflation rate for housing, electricity, water, gas, and other fuels in Ghana 2022

    • PPI of the utilities sector in Ghana 2019-2022, by subsector

    • Amount of electrical energy produced in Ghana 2010-2020

    • Monthly electric energy production in Ghana 2020

    • Share of renewables in electricity production in Ghana 2016-2020

    • Installed renewable electricity capacity per capita in Ghana 2010-2020

    • Installed capacity of solar energy generation in Ghana 2021, by facility

    • Electricity generation from fossil fuels in Ghana 2010-2020

    • Electricity generation from solar energy in Ghana 2013-2020

    • Monthly thermal energy production in Ghana 2020

    • Hydropower generation in Ghana 2019-2021

    • Total electricity customer population in Ghana 2021

    • Number of Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) customers 2017-2019

    • Electrical energy supply in Ghana 2020, by main destination

    • Electrical energy demand in Ghana 2021-2030

    • Monthly system electric energy peak demand in Ghana 2020

    • Share of electricity consumption in Ghana 2020, by sector

    • Annual electricity consumed in the services sector in Ghana 2000-2021

    • Annual electricity consumed by the industry sector in Ghana 2000-2021

    • Electricity consumption forecast in Ghana 2013-2028

    • Electricity consumption per capita forecast in Ghana 2010-2025

    • Share of population with access to electricity in Ghana 2008-2020

    • Share of urban population with access to electricity in Ghana 2008-2020

    • Share of rural population with access to electricity in Ghana 2008-2020

    • Number of people without access to electricity in Ghana 2000-2020

    • Share of population using electricity as primary cooking source in Ghana 2013-2021

    • Amount of electrical energy exported from Ghana 2010-2020

    • Electrical energy exports from Ghana 2019-2020, by customer

    • Amount of electrical energy imported into Ghana 2010-2020

    • Import value of electrical machinery in Ghana 2010-2019

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