Global warming

Global warming
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Statistics report on global warming

Table of contents

    • Global land and ocean temperature anomalies 1880-2022

    • Global historical CO₂ emissions from fossil fuels and industry 1750-2021

    • Global methane emissions outlook 2015-2050

    • Global nitrous oxide emissions 2015-2050

    • Global increase in abundance of key greenhouse gases 1750-2020

    • Warmest years worldwide

    • Climate system heating share 1971-2018, by cause

    • Biggest climate disasters worldwide 1970-2019, by mortality

    • Highest global temperatures recorded

    • Projected temperature increase worldwide 2100, by scenario

    • Global rise in temperature of warmest month in cities worldwide 2050

    • Climate risks in cities globally between 2020-2050

    • Estimated change in global surface temperature 2021-2100, by scenario

    • Global average sea level rise by temperature 2015

    • Estimated change in global sea level rise in 2100, by scenario

    • Dryland population exposure to droughts and desertification 2022, by warming scenario

    • Share of terrestrial species' high risk of extinction 2022, by warming scenario

    • Northern Hemisphere's season duration 1952-2100

    • Future changes in frequency of semi-centennial temperature extremes 2021

    • Future changes in frequency of decadal temperature extremes 2021

    • Population share of climate migrants globally 2050, by region

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