Mobile Payments II: The business models behind mobile payments

A Statista DossierPlus on PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Alipay, Samsung Pay


1. Mobile payment market size

  • Total payment volume (TPV) and users
  • Offline versus online
  • Distribution across the world

2. Roots in U.S. e-commerce
  • PayPal: Revenue deep dive
  • Amazon Pay: Revenue deep dive
  • New online shopping behaviors

3. Silicon Valley is evolving
  • Apple Pay: Revenue deep dive
  • Google Pay: Revenue deep dive
  • In-store contactless wallets

4. Acceleration in Asia
  • Alipay: Revenue deep dive
  • Samsung Pay: Revenue deep dive
  • Super apps

5. Summary
  • Key takeaways
  • Overview of key figures

  • Language: English
  • Released: August 2022
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