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Statista Dossier on cash payments, debit and credit cards, digital and mobile payment methods in the Netherlands

Perhaps the European country most into digital payments outside of Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, the Netherlands boasts high penetration rates for debit cards and contactless payments. This Dossier presents facts and statistics on payment methods in different situations in the Netherlands. This topic is meant to answer questions like "how do Dutch consumers prefer to pay for their offline retail purchases?", "do the Dutch use e-wallets or m-commerce?" and "which payment methods do Dutch e-commerce shops accept the most?"

This dossier looks at whether or not cash money, debit cards, credit cards, smartphone and digital wallets are being used in the Netherlands for the purposes of both offline and online payments. The dossier cannot answer questions, however, on Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Venmo or Swish in the Netherlands, as none of these payment services are available in the country. Apple Pay was released in the summer of 2019 (later than most countries in Europe), therefore no data is available on that. The dossier does talk about iDEAL, a bank transfer system exclusive to the Netherlands which allows online shoppers to use their debit card for online payments.

Table of contents

  • 1. Market overview
    • Number of ATMs per 100,000 adults in the Netherlands 2004-2018

    • Number of active POS terminals in the Netherlands 1991-2019

    • POS and e-ecommerce revenue Netherlands 2018-2020, with a 2024 forecast

    • Most used retail payment methods in Netherlands 2005-2019, by domestic transactions

    • Debit card, credit card, cash market share in retail payments Netherlands 2006-2017

    • Most used payment methods at POS of different age groups in the Netherlands 2019

  • 2. Cash money
    • Level of cash use in the Netherlands 2005-2019

    • Number of ATM cash withdrawals for domestic payments Netherlands 2005-2019

    • Share of cash money at POS (points of sale) in 38 countries in Europe in 2019

    • Share of cash transactions at POS in the euro area 2016 and 2019, by country

    • Number of cash, debit card and credit card payments in POS in Netherlands 2010-2019

    • Value of cash, debit card and credit card payments in POS in Netherlands 2010-2019

  • 3. Card payments
    • Total number of debit and credit cards in the Netherlands 2005-2019

    • Credit cards and debit cards per capita in the Netherlands 2010-2019

    • Debit card payment transaction volume change in the Netherlands 2006-2019

    • Average money paid with debit cards per month change in the Netherlands 2006-2019

    • Biggest brands in payment cards in the Netherlands 2016-2019

  • 4. Contactless
    • Contactless payments market share at POS in Europe 2018, by country

    • Quarterly revenue of NFC payments in the Netherlands 2014-2020

    • Share of NFC payments compared to total debit card payments Netherlands 2014-2020

    • Accepted payment methods among SME retailers in the Netherlands 2017

    • Accepted payment methods in petrol stations in the Netherlands 2017

  • 5. E-commerce payments
    • Market share of online payment methods in the Netherlands 2014-2019

    • Leading payment methods for online shopping in the Netherlands 2016-2019

    • Netherlands, Europe and MEA e-commerce payment methods 2020

    • Number of payments with iDEAL in the Netherlands 2006-2019

    • Payment methods in the Netherlands in 2018, with a forecast for 2023

  • 6. Payment apps
    • Ranking of mobile payment apps in the Netherlands, based on DAU 2018

    • Ranking of selected banking apps in the Netherlands, based on DAU 2017-2019

    • Forecast of mobile payment use in the Netherlands 2023, by product category

    • C2C mobile payments market share in the Netherlands 2018

    • Use of wearable technology for POS payments in Europe 2019, by country

  • 7. C2C / P2P payments
    • Number of users of Tikkie in the Netherlands 2016-2019

    • Installed base of Tikkie in the Netherlands 2018-2019, by age group

    • Most used P2P transaction methods of different age groups in the Netherlands 2019

    • Distribution of payment methods used during P2P transactions the Netherlands in 2017

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