Cyber Threat Intelligence

Statistics report on Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

Cyber Threat Intelligence

This report presents a series of statistics and facts about the cyber threat intelligence (CTI) market. It outlines the most important data regarding the CTI market, such as value and segments, along with information on CTI data, company usage, and DevSecOps processes. Additionally, the report contains a chapter on the most common cyber threats and end point detection and response (EDR) technologies.

Table of contents


  • Premium Statistic IT services global spending forecast 2008-2024
  • Premium Statistic Total spending on global information security market 2017-2024, by segment
  • Premium Statistic Cybersecurity: forecast global market revenue 2024, by segment

CTI Market

  • Premium Statistic Global threat detection system market value 2023-2034
  • Premium Statistic Global threat hunting market value 2023-2033
  • Premium Statistic Advanced persistent threat global market size 2015-2028
  • Premium Statistic Dark web intelligence market revenue worldwide 2022-2032

CTI Data

  • Premium Statistic Share of organizations with dedicated CTI teams worldwide 2018-2023
  • Premium Statistic Type of information collected for intelligence gathering worldwide 2023
  • Premium Statistic Methods used in cyber threat intelligence (CTI) analysis worldwide 2023
  • Premium Statistic Main methods to measure the effectiveness of CTI worldwide 2023


  • Premium Statistic Responsibility for cybersecurity testing within firms worldwide 2023
  • Premium Statistic Most important KPIs to measure DevSecOps activities success worldwide 2023
  • Premium Statistic Main challenges in implementing DevSecOps worldwide 2023
  • Premium Statistic Impact of AI on DevSecOps processes and workflows worldwide 2023


  • Premium Statistic Threat intelligence software market share worldwide 2024, by vendor
  • Premium Statistic Global funding raised by Cyber 66 cybersecurity companies 2022, by company category
  • Premium Statistic Segment revenue of CrowdStrike 2017-2024
  • Basic Statistic IBM global revenue 2010-2023, by segment
  • Premium Statistic Fortinet revenue worldwide 2019-2023, by segment
  • Basic Statistic Dell Technologies revenue worldwide 2015-2024, by segment
  • Premium Statistic Revenue of Palo Alto Networks 2017-2023, by segment

Special focus: Cyberttacks

  • Basic Statistic Share of cyberattacks in global industries worldwide 2023
  • Basic Statistic Global prevalence of ransomware H1 2023, by family
  • Basic Statistic Most detected ransomware variants worldwide 2023
  • Basic Statistic Global prevalence of infostealer malware H1 2023, by family
  • Premium Statistic Commonly detected infostealer malware variants worldwide H1 2023
  • Basic Statistic Global prevalence of remote access trojans (RATs) H1 2023, by family
  • Premium Statistic Commonly detected RATs worldwide H1 2023
  • Basic Statistic Attacked CVEs on endpoints of selected platforms H1 2023
  • Premium Statistic Threat of cyber attacks to global organizations 2023, by region
  • Premium Statistic Threat of security breaches and data leaks to global organizations 2023, by region

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