Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence
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Statistics report about Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

Table of contents

    • IT services global spending forecast 2008-2023

    • Total spending on global information security market 2017-2023, by segment

    • Cyber security market revenue worldwide 2019-2030

    • Cybersecurity: global market revenue 2020-2022, by segment

    • Global cyber threat intelligence (CTI) market size 2023-2033

    • Global cyber threat intelligence (CTI) market size 2033, by country

    • Global threat detection system market value 2023-2033

    • Global threat hunting market value 2023-2033

    • Advanced persistent threat global market size 2015-2026

    • Type of information collected for intelligence gathering worldwide 2022

    • Most useful types of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) worldwide 2022

    • Methods used in cyber threat intelligence (CTI) analysis worldwide 2022

    • Global use of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) 2022

    • Global usefulness of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) types 2020-2022

    • Companies' use of threat intelligence strategies worldwide 2021

    • Main use cases for threat intelligence teams worldwide 2022

    • Cyber threat intelligence challenges worldwide 2022

    • Threat intelligence sources for companies worldwide 2022

    • Companies' ability of reacting based on threat intelligence data worldwide 2022

    • CTI frequency in identifying threats and preventing incidents worldwide 2022

    • Update frequency of CTI requirements worldwide 2022

    • CTI elements that global companies are comfortable automating 2022

    • Threat intelligence software market share worldwide 2022, by vendor

    • Global funding raised by elite 80 cybersecurity companies 2021, by company category

    • Segment revenue of CrowdStrike 2017-2023

    • IBM global revenue 2010-2022, by segment

    • Fortinet revenue worldwide 2019-2022, by segment

    • Dell Technologies revenue worldwide 2015-2023, by segment

    • Revenue of Palo Alto Networks 2017-2022, by segment

    • Global most common cyber threats 2022

    • Countries with the most significant week-over-week cyber threat growth rate 2022

    • Global vendors with the most targeted endpoint vulnerabilities H1 2022

    • Main malware tactics used by global companies in EDR strategies H1 2022

    • Main malware techniques used by global companies in EDR strategies H1 2022

    • Monitoring the dark web for threat intelligence in the U.S. 2022

    • Effective aspects regarding dark web threat intelligence monitoring in the U.S 2022

    • Benefits from dark web monitoring strategies in the U.S. 2022

    • Dark web threat intelligence priorities for companies in the U.S. 2023

    • Types of intelligence most challenging to collect from the dark web in the U.S. 2022

    • Challenges regarding monitoring the dark web for threat intelligence in the U.S. 2022

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