NextGenerationEU Economic Recovery Package

Statistics report on the NextGenerationEU Economic Recovery Package

NextGenerationEU Economic Recovery Package

This report presents a range of facts relating to the European Union's NextGenerationEU economic recovery package. The NextGenEU package contains a range of programs which have been decided upon by the EU member states and institutions in order to boost the recovery of the European economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The report contains a breakdown of how the funds have been allocated by use, separate national breakdowns for the funds, and other key economic indicators related to the packages.

Table of contents

The COVID-19 Crisis in Europe

  • Basic Statistic Number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Europe 2023, by country
  • Basic Statistic Gross domestic product (GDP) growth in EU and Euro area 2029
  • Basic Statistic Monthly unemployment rate in the EU and Euro area 2019-2023
  • Basic Statistic Percentage of people usually working from home in Europe 2022, by country
  • Premium Statistic Euroscepticism: how the COVID-19 pandemic affected attitudes towards the EU

Overview of NextGenEU

  • Premium Statistic EU's long-term budget and Next Generation EU 2021-2027
  • Basic Statistic NextGenerationEU: breakdown of funds allocated among programs 2020-2027
  • Basic Statistic NextGenerationEU: total funds allocated from the Recovery & Resilience Facility
  • Basic Statistic NextGenerationEU: RRF grants and loans given to member states as a percentage of GDP
  • Premium Statistic EU's budget for environment and climate 2021-2027

National Plans for NextGenEU

  • Premium Statistic NextGenerationEU: share of Recovery & Resilience Facility resources allocated by use
  • Basic Statistic NextGenerationEU: share of Italy's planned expenditure by policy pillar
  • Basic Statistic NextGenerationEU: share of Greece's planned expenditure by policy pillar
  • Basic Statistic NextGenerationEU: share of Spain's planned expenditure by policy pillar

Implementation & Forecasts

  • Basic Statistic NextGenerationEU: payments disbursed to member states as of February 2023
  • Basic Statistic NextGenerationEU: forecasted additional annual GDP growth by member state 2021-2030
  • Basic Statistic NextGenerationEU: forecasted additional increase in yearly GDP 2021-2030
  • Basic Statistic NextGenerationEU: forecasted additional GDP growth for member states in 2026

Public Opinion

  • Basic Statistic NextGenerationEU: most important policy areas for NGEU plans according to EU citizens
  • Basic Statistic NextGenerationEU: public opinion on different aspects of recovery plans in EU states
  • Basic Statistic NextGenerationEU: awareness of the EU's recovery plans among EU citizens in 2022
  • Premium Statistic NextGenerationEU: opinions on whether collective stimulus is good for home country

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