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In the first decades of the twenty-first century, politics and governments across the world have been defined and challenged by several key developments. The growth of internet access, especially social media, has created entire new forums for discussion and debate, although this has also accelerated polarization in some regions of the world. Many established political groups and ideologies have seen their authority decline, with political outsiders rising on a tide of discontent with the current order. While these new types of leaders often seek to turn the tide of globalization, it is likely that the threats and dangers of upcoming years will be global in nature and require a coordinated global response.

Level of trust in the CCP in China
Number of government employees in the U.S
Country with highest military spending as a share of GDP
Saudi Arabia

United States

Business as usual in the U.S?
2020 Presidential Election results in the United States as of November 20, 2020, by number of Electoral College votes earned
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The election of Joe Biden as President of the United States in 2020 was a return to form for a country that elected the political outsider Donald Trump in 2016. While Trump was able to maintain the loyalty of his base throughout his term in office, his approach to domestic and international issues alienated him from huge sections of U.S. society, and in the 2020 election he was unable to compete with the broad coalition that the Democrats were able to assemble.

U.S. Senate Election results
U.S House of Representative results
Voter turnout in U.S election


China's rise continues
Number of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members in China from 2010 to 2021 (in millions)
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Although it started the new decade in the grip of COVID-19, China has emerged from the pandemic in far better shape than the West, and pre-COVID levels of economic growth have already returned to the country. As long as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to provide economic growth and internal stability, it will likely remain popular among the Chinese population, and increasingly assertive in advancing its interests abroad.

Growth in CCP membership
Number of deputies of the National People's Congress


Moving on after Brexit
Seat distribution for the political groups in the European Parliament of 2019, by number of MEPs
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With the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union completed and a new President in the United States, Europe will hope to move on from a difficult period defined by populism, terrorism, and the Coronavirus pandemic. Due to this, the goals of European governments will be limited, with ending the pandemic the top priority. Beyond this, the immediate future of Europe will be defined by the development of UK/EU relations, as well as national elections in Germany in 2021, and France in 2022.

Populist vote shares in Europe
UK election results
Number of German MEPs in European Parliament

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