Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks
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Statista dossier about Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Table of contents

    • Total spending on global information security market 2017-2023, by segment

    • Cyber security market revenue worldwide 2019-2030

    • Cybersecurity: global market revenue 2020-2022, by segment

    • Global VPN market size 2019-2027

    • Global virtual private network market size 2022, by country

    • Global network security equipment spending 2017-2023

    • VPN market share worldwide 2022, by technology

    • Companies' network security deployment status worldwide 2022, by technology

    • Software-defined networking market revenue worldwide 2021-2027

    • Market share of top 10 network management technologies worldwide 2022

    • Best VPNs worldwide 2022, by test score

    • Global VPNs monthly price 2022

    • Global VPN comparison 2022, by average upload and download speeds

    • Global VPN comparison 2022, by download and upload latency

    • Network security software market share worldwide 2022, by vendor

    • Countries where usage of VPNs is limited 2022

    • Reasons for VPNs usage worldwide 2022

    • Major VPN challenges worldwide 2022

    • Concerns about VPNs' threats to a secure work environment worldwide 2022

    • Organization usage of inbound VPN gateways worldwide 2022

    • COVID-19 impact on organizations' use of VPNs worldwide 2021

    • Share of consumer electronic device users not operating a VPN 2021, by device

    • Products end services used to ensure online security on devices 2021, by license

    • Global access technology deployment plans driven by remote work 2022, by technology

    • Means of remote application access worldwide 2022

    • Future plans for remote access technologies worldwide 2022

    • Implementation of security controls for cloud data protection worldwide 2022

    • Increase in VPN exploitation since remote work worldwide 2022

    • VPN usage in the United States 2022

    • VPN usage in the U.S. 2019-2022, by location

    • VPN awareness in the U.S. 2020-2022

    • Most important reasons for using a VPN in the United States 2022

    • Main reasons for not owning a VPN in the United States 2022

    • Technical issues encountered on free VPNs in the United States 2022

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