Real Estate - U.S. Industry Report 2016

NAICS Code 531

Real Estate - U.S. Industry Report 2016 The "Real Estate" industry report from Statista consolidates the most important industry information while highlighting important and interesting data regarding the status quo and trajectory of the industry with forecasts through the year 2020. A management summary, key facts & figures, SWOT analysis and chief executive quotes on the latest industry developments provide a substantial introduction. A summary of the most important trends and consumer & business insights completes the introduction. The report additionally provides quantitative information regarding industry financial numbers, top 3 companies and company details, as well as employee and salary data.

There are 41 Statista industry reports covering industries as diverse as “Utilities”, “Amusement, Gambling & Leisure”, and “Banking & Finance”.

Industry Reports


• Key figures at a glance
• SWOT analysis
• Chief executive quotes on the latest industry development
• U.S. annual rate for total construction value
• Homeownership rate in the United States
• Share of U.S. homeowners who rent or own their home in 2016
• Share of U.S. homeowners who rent or own their home in 2016 by age

Financial Numbers

• Revenue over time
• Revenues in 2015 of selected service industries
• Revenue by subcategory 2015
• Most over- and under-performing categories
• Development of GDP and contribution by sector
• Share of GDP by sector in 2015
• Growth rate of GDP and growth rate of value added by industry over time
• States experiencing the industry‘s highest value added numbers in 2014
• Capitalized expenditures for information and communication technology equipment and computer software over time
• Capitalized expenditures by type of equipment in 2013


• Selected key players in the industry
• Total number of firms and establishments with paid employees over time
• Total number of firms and establishments with paid employees by subcategory in 2014
• Number of establishments with paid employees per state in 2014
• Number of establishment births over time
• Share of establishment births by enterprise size in 2012/2013
• Number of establishment deaths over time
• Change in Employment due to establishment deaths

Employees & Salaries

• Number of all employees over time
• Share of employees by gender
• Share of employees by sector in 2015
• Full-time equivalent employees over time
• Wage and salary accruals per full-time equivalent employee over time
• Unemployment rates over time
• Development in the number of unemployed
• Annual mean wage over time
• Annual mean wage by subcategory
• Occupations with the highest industry employment in 2015
• Annual mean wage by occupation in 2015
• Difference to industry mean wage in 2015
• Weekly earnings by occupation and sex in 2015
• Average weekly hours of all payroll employees over time
• Number of bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees over time
• Bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in 2014 by sex

  • Language: English
  • Released: December 2016
  • Source(s): Statista
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