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Real Estate statistics The category ‘Real Estate, Rental & Leasing’ provides data on the ins and outs of property, the business of real estate and the buying, selling and renting of land for commercial or residential purposes. Real estate, property consisting of the land and the buildings on it, including its natural resources, can be rented or leased. The practice of renting is an agreement that exists between a tenant and a landlord whereby the tenant makes payment for the temporary use of a property. There are a number of reasons for deciding to rent a property instead of buying. The most obvious is that of financial inadequacy, many may not be able to afford the full price that ownership would require, whereas others may be unwilling to take on the financing risks that come with ownership, such as the depreciation in value that can result from periods of economic instability. It has been widely reported that the recent financial crisis has directly contributed to the rapid growth that has been seen in rental market places. Leasing , essentially, has a great deal of similarities to the principle of ‘borrowing’. Ownership is not transferred under a lease agreement, but the lease gives the lessee the right to use the assets that are covered under the agreement for the period stipulated under the contract.

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