Media usage in Germany

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Statista Dossier on the usage of media in Germany

Table of contents

    • Broadest user group of selected media in Germany 2014-2021

    • Daily usage time of selected types of media in Germany 2021

    • Daily usage time of communications media in Germany 2019-2021

    • Daily usage time of audiovisual media in Germany 2020

    • Devices in households with adolescents in Germany 2021

    • Device use for personal media consumption in Germany 2020-2021

    • Media usage of teenagers during leisure time in Germany 2021

    • Share of TV viewers in total population in Germany 1988-2020

    • Daily time spent watching television in Germany 1997-2021

    • Daily television viewing time in Germany 2020-2021, by age group

    • Television consumption in Germany in 2021, by age group

    • Television viewing time of children in Germany 1995-2021

    • Market share of TV channels in Germany 2021

    • TV broadcasts with the largest reach in Germany 2021

    • Most popular television genres in Germany 2021

    • Favorite television channels of teenagers in Germany 2021

    • Share of internet users in Germany 2001-2021

    • Share of mobile internet users in Germany 2015-2021

    • Share of internet users in Germany 1997-2021, by age group

    • Number of internet users in Germany 1997-2021

    • Daily internet usage time of adolescents in Germany 2006-2021

    • Most popular online activities among teenagers in Germany 2008-2020

    • Radio consumption in Germany 2018-2022, by frequency

    • Daily reach of the radio in Germany in 2022

    • Daily radio listening time in Germany 1995-2021

    • Share of respondents who listened to online radio occasionally in Germany 2003-2021

    • Leading radio stations in Germany 2022, by gross contacts

    • Web radio channels ranked by sessions in Germany Q1 2022

    • Frequency of reading newspapers during leisure time in Germany 2017 -2021

    • Frequency of reading magazines during leisure time in Germany 2017-2021

    • Most popular types of magazines in Germany 2021

    • Circulation of daily newspapers in Germany 1991-2020

    • Circulation of consumer magazines in Germany 1996-2021

    • Magazines ranked by reach in Germany 2022

    • Magazines ranked by circulation in Germany Q1 2021

    • National daily newspaper reach in Germany 2022

    • Sales volume of national daily newspapers in Germany Q2 2022

    • Print media usage of teenagers in Germany 2004-2021

    • Frequency of reading books in Germany 2017-2021

    • Purchased books per person within the past year in Germany 2017-2021

    • E-book buyers in Germany 2010-2021

    • Share of e-book readers in Germany 2014-2020, by age group

    • Book and e-book usage in Germany 2013-2021

    • Usage of e-books in Germany 2014-2021, by type of device

    • Book reading frequency of teenagers in Germany in 2021

    • Book reading frequency of children in Germany in 2020, by gender

    • Frequency of DVD or Blu-ray* watching during leisure time in Germany 2017-2021

    • Customers in the DVD/Blu-ray sell-through market in Germany 2007-2019

    • Number of digital video renters and buyers in Germany 2012-2021

    • Usage of online video applications in Germany 2011-2021

    • Television usage via the internet in Germany 2011-2021

    • Film and TV show streaming platform usage among adolescents in Germany 2020-2021

    • Video and computer game playing frequency in Germany 2017 -2021

    • Gaming device preferences in Germany 2021

    • Frequency of gaming among adolescents in Germany 2021

    • Music streaming services use in Germany 2013-2020

    • Music streaming users in Germany 2021, by age

    • Audio streaming service usage frequency in Germany 2021

    • Parallel usage of television and internet in Germany 2018-2020, by device

    • Activities carried out during parallel use of TV and internet in Germany 2021

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