Public spending in France

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Statista Dossier on public spending in France

Table of contents

  • 1. State budget
    • France: total public spending in billion euros 2010-2019

    • France: public expenses rate 2010-2020

    • Public budget breakdown in France 2021, by area

    • France: general government acquisition of financial assets 2017-2020

    • Total state revenue in France 2010-2021

  • 2. Salary of politicians and civil servants
    • France: monthly gross salary of politicians 2019

    • France: public spending for public sector employees' compensation 2010-2019

    • France: number of civil servants 2018, by sector

    • France: breakdown of civil servants 2018, by sector

    • France: expenditure of the presidency of the Republic 2009-2019

  • 3. Research and development
    • Research and development spending as a share of GDP in France 2000-2019

    • Research and development expenditure in France 2017, by region

    • France: personnel costs of scientific research & development 2009-2017

    • France: public spending on labor markets as a share of GDP 2008-2017

    • France: public spending for subsidies 2010-2020

  • 4. Social expenditure
    • Social spending as a share of GDP in France 2006-2019

    • France: social benefit to households as a share of the GDP 2009-2020

    • France: public social expenditure for guaranteed minimum income 2009-2017

    • France: guaranteed minimum income recipients 2016-2020

    • Public social expenditure for children in France 2010-2019

    • Number of child protection recipients in France 20013-2019

    • Gross public social spending for seniors in France 2009-2019

    • Number of beneficiaries of social support for the elderly in France 2013-2019

    • France: public spending on pensions forecast as a share of GDP 2015-2060

    • Gross public social expenditure for disabled people in France 2009-2019

    • Number of disability welfare allowances in France 2013-2019

  • 5. National debt of France
    • Public debt of 2004-2019

    • France: public debt 2017-2027

    • Change in the government debt as a share of GDP in France 2014-2020

    • Distribution of the national debt in France Q2 2020, by public administration

    • France: government debt interest expenditure 2010-2020

    • France: public deficit level 2007-2019

    • Deficit and cash surplus ratio as a share of GDP in France 2008-2019

    • Distribution of national deficit in France 2011-2020, by public administration

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