Bicycle industry in Europe

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Statista dossier on the European bicycle industry

Table of contents

    • Total production of bicycles and other cycles in EU-28 2012-2019

    • Production of bicycles and other cycles in Europe 2019 by country

    • Production of bicycles and other cycles in EU-28 2019, by country share

    • Bicycle industry employment in key European countries 2019

    • Number of bicycle sales in the European Union 2000-2020

    • Joint sales of regular bicycles and e-bikes in the European Union (EU-28) 2001-2019

    • Electric bicycle sales in the European Union 2006-2019

    • Leading supplying countries of e-bikes to European Union 2019

    • Sales volume of new e-bikes in the Netherlands 2004-2019

    • Bicycle sales value in Germany 2013-2020

    • Sales volume of electric-assisted bikes in France 2019, by distribution channel

    • E-bikes - market size worldwide 2021 & 2027

    • Share of individuals walking or using private bikes since arrival of COVID-19 2020

    • Effects of coronavirus on two-wheeler sales in the Netherlands 2020

    • Post-pandemic mobility modes in Germany 2020

    • Exercising before and after the coronavirus outbreak in Denmark 2020, by activity

    • General bicycle use intentions after the lockdown in Italy 2020

    • Means of transportation progression in France 2020

    • Modes of transport during and after COVID-19 in Poland 2020

    • Helmet use in selected European capital cities 2019

    • Self-declared cyclist behavior in Europe 2018

    • Cyclists killed in traffic accidents in the European Union (EU-28) 2010-2018

    • Number of members in car-sharing programs: Europe 2006-2018

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