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Vehicles & Road Traffic statistics In this section, Statista presents the most relevant and up-to-date facts relating to vehicles and road traffic.

The most important classes of road vehicles include cars, commercial vehicles and two-wheelers. Although sometimes equipped with three or more wheels, motorcycles, scooters and bicycles are included in the two-wheeler category. In this segment, it is particularly the powered two-wheelers that are becoming increasingly popular, especially in urban regions. Harley-Davidson, Polaris and Piaggio are among the largest companies in this field. Commercial vehicles are often grouped into eight different types, ranging from Class 1 light duty trucks to Class 8 heavy duty haulers. The largest truck manufacturers include Daimler, Dongfeng, Tata, Volvo and Paccar.

The automobile is one of the most comfortable and popular conveyances for transporting passengers. Its invention is largely credited to the German engineer Carl Benz. His Patent-Motorwagen is widely regarded as the world’s first motor-powered car. Fitted with a four-stroke internal combustion engine, the vehicle was awarded a patent in 1886, some twenty years before Henry Ford’s mass-manufactured Model T made its way onto the streets. Since then, the automobile has come a long way. Today, it is normal for cars to have Internet access, and a growing number of electric vehicles is connected to the power grid. Europe, China and the United States are counted among the most important automobile markets today, both in terms of production and sales. Toyota, Volkswagen and General Motors are the world’s leading automakers.

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