Rail industry in Italy

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Statista dossier about the rail industry in Italy

Table of contents

    • Europe mobility services industry revenue by mode 2017-2026

    • Italy’s mobility services industry revenue by mode 2017-2021

    • Number of trains in use in Italy 2021, by region

    • Main train stations in Italy by number of passengers 2020

    • Length of railway lines in use in Italy from 1990 to 2019

    • Number of locomotives and railcars in Italy from 1990 to 2019

    • Passengers transported by rail in Italy 2006-2019

    • Number of railway passengers in Italy 2012-2019

    • People travelling by regional train lines in Italy 2010-2019

    • Number of passenger trains in Italy 1990-2019

    • Number of passenger train movements in Italy 2012-2019

    • Freight operators' revenue in European countries 2020

    • Rail freight volume traveling domestically in Italy 2010-2019

    • Average journey length of rail freight transport in Italy 2010–2019

    • Railway freight volume passing through Italy 2010-2019

    • Main passenger rail operators in the European Union 2019

    • Main freight operators in the European Union 2020

    • Revenue of Trenitalia 2016-2020

    • EBITDA of the Italian company Trenitalia 2016-2019

    • Revenue of Italian rail operator Italo 2016-2018

    • Italo’s annual profit 2016-2018

    • Fastest trains in the world by record speed 2021

    • Length of high-speed railway lines in use in Europe in 2020, by country

    • High-speed railway network length in Italy by line 2020

    • High-speed share of passenger rail transport in Italy 2000-2019

    • Fatalities on Europe’s rail networks by country in 2019

    • Rail accidents in Italy between 2013 and 2019

    • Global anticipated rail energy demand growth by region

    • Industry revenue of “passenger rail transport, interurban“ in Italy 2012-2025

    • Industry revenue of “freight rail transport“ in Italy 2012-2025

    • Rail network length forecast in Italy 2010-2025

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